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Within the dynamic world of digital assets, SIGTERM Inc. emerges as a pioneer in crafting advanced trading solutions. Founded with the vision to adeptly navigate the inherent volatility of digital markets, our prime objective revolves around the development of robust automated trading systems.

Instead of merely chasing high-risk returns, we emphasize strategies grounded in stability and precision. Statistical arbitrage stands out as one of our primary tools. By harnessing asset price imbalances, this method showcases resilience, particularly during unpredictable market shifts, distinguishing it from the more susceptible trend-following models.

As a testament to our capabilities, SIGTERM Inc. consistently manages trades exceeding 15,000 BTC every month across some of the foremost digital asset exchanges. Since 2017, we remain dedicated to refining our methods and upholding our commitment to dependable digital asset trading.


Yoonho Hwang

Yoonseop Kang

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