We build a digital asset trading system

Digital asset is a rising tide. Andrew Carnegie, US steel manufacturer and philanthropist used to have the painting with “The tide is sure to come.” High tide comes after low tide and spring comes after winter. Some people say it would be premature to be discussing digital assets. But we think the age of digital assets is sure to come.

Our vision

Q. In which form the age of digital assets will come to us?

A. We’re already more familiar with credit cards than cash. But as online consumption and platform economy grow, more people are moving away from physical to fully digital payment methods. We are sure this trend will gather pace. Digital assets will resolve problems in the existing banking business - complexity and poor accessibility - while preserving “trust”, which is the essence of the business.

Q. In the age of digital assets, what is the value of cryptocurrency?

A. We are sure cryptocurrency will be the core of digital assets. In the long term it would be safer investment, protected by laws. The Legislation and Judiciary Committee of the National Assembly passed an amendment to the Act on Report on and the Use of Specific Financial Transaction Information on March 4. We expect this act will relieve legal uncertainties pervading over the cryptocurrency business field. With this kind of trend, a lot of business opportunities will appear in the near future. You need to prepare for it. You need to find a strong and trustworthy partner. SIGTERM Inc. is pioneering this dynamic, unpredictable era of digital assets, with its trustworthy indirect investment service.

Our Strategy

To achieve strong, reliable profit in highly volatile cryptocurrency markets, SIGTERM Inc. is focusing on improving robustness of our strategy, instead of pursuing high-risk profits. One of our important strategies is statistical arbitrage. Statistical arbitrage finds profit in the asset price imbalances in portfolio. Thanks to its price-agnostic nature, the model is more robust and profitable than other trend-following models in extreme events like market crashes.

Our system trades more than 1500 BTC per month on most of the major digital asset exchanges.

Who we are

Yoonho Hwang yoonho.hwang@sigterm.io

Kwonjin Jeong kwonjin.jeong@sigterm.io

Yoonseop Kang yoonseop.kang@sigterm.io




Room 524, 5F SparkPlus, 18 Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (04629)